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IMPORTANT Submittal of this Request for Review Form will not 1 release the current hold on your DMV vehicle registration 2 suspend any Franchise Tax Board actions 3 stop the process of additional violations being sent to DMV Hold and/or Collections or 4 recall violations which have already been sent to Collections. FasTrak Customer Service Center PO Box 26925 San Francisco CA 94126 www. bayareafastrak. org 1-877-BAY-TOLL 1-877-229-8655 Fax 1-415-956-1663 For Office Use Only Date Received Case...
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Look here's a winning Clark I was pulled over at 1:30 the morning driving a black Honda Accord with tinted windows and nice chrome wheels the reason for being told over supposedly was that when I turned my blinker on I failed to wait 50 yards to change lanes yeah he asked for driver's license registration proof of insurance I said I do not have such items why don't you have those items said because I am NOT required by law to have those items I am protected by the Constitution the Constitution was written to protect me from the tyranny of evil men and the cop kind of chuckled you know yeah so anyways what else do you need he said well do you have an ID card I said sure I have an expired one here's one yeah okay hang on I'll be back typical goes on the name come back he says well I'm gonna have to place you under arrest for driving while license suspended because it is in crime in Washington state to drive while license is suspended I said I do not have a license I handed you an expired identification card how can I Drive with a license suspended when I do not have a license contract with the state oh well in the computer says that you're suspended I said how can something that doesn't exist be suspended hello god damn bureaucrats are so stupid anyways it's like well I just this is what I have to do and I said yeah whatever so of course because they're the fuckers with the guns you have to cooperate with them or they'll hurt you so I cooperate and as he puts handcuffs on my wrists I told him I have to tell you by law that you are now kidnapping me and he like slowed down a second looked at his partner he said okay let's put you back in the back of the car and then they searched the car unlawfully without a warrant first of all they pulled me over declaring a false emergency because it's such an emergency that you turned your blinker on and don't wait 50 yards before you change lanes are you kidding me in the middle of fucking night there's nobody back there but a goddamn cop trolling I don't fucking think so that's an emergency whatever so he's got the felonies racking up he's working operating under color of law enforcing policy against me it doesn't apply and he kidnapped me declared a false emergency that was his first felony false arrest he arrested me without a warrant in the first place the being pulled over constituted an arrest because it's called a detainment and if you were to look at the law you would find that a detainment constitutes an arrest and if they do not have a warrant or you have not committed or look like you're about to commit a crime at the time that they engage with you they have committed a felony arrest declaration of a false emergency so on and so forth so the felonies racking up on this bitch right I'm in the back of the car waiting for him to rummage through my perfectly clean car and he comes back he looks at the computer he sees all my history the failure to appears because I always ditched out on a court it's all...